Givaudan Chicken Flavor Research

Givaudan (Geneva, Switzerland) has announced the results of research into chicken flavor development. Specifically, the company explored the ways in which chicken is consumed globally and examining the drivers of preference.

The company surveyed 7,300 consumers in 14 countries. In addition, Givaudan performed in-home studies of cooking techniques, taking particular note of chicken meat types, preparations, ingredients, cooking techniques and methods. Meanwhile, the company visited 40 restaurants in 10 countries, encompassing fine dining to traditional establishments.

Andreas Haenni, global head of savory, said, “We know the experience of flavor is more than just sensory, it is also deeply cultural. Givaudan experts literally sat in the kitchens of Russian, Spanish, French, Brazilian, Mexican, Colombian, American, Indonesian and Chinese households watching how authentic chicken dishes were prepared ... Regionalism was identified as the key to authenticity, and a sensory landscape was created from specific consumer panels, pinpointing areas of demand not yet addressed by flavor manufacturers."

Dovetailing with these efforts was the assessment of chicken recipes and flavor combinations by Givaudan's ChefsCouncil. Among the results are a number of chicken flavors for low-sodium, allergen-free and clean label applications.  


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