Essentia Launches ProFlavor C3307 Chicken Flavor

C3307 Chicken Flavor has higher protein and no salt added.
C3307 Chicken Flavor has higher protein and no salt added.

Essentia Protein Solutions introduced its newest addition to its ProFlavor line, C3307 Chicken Flavor.

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Higher in protein, lower in carbs and with no added salt, C3307 Chicken Flavor can be used when developing lower sodium applications that still need chicken flavor. The chicken notes can be added to soup, sauce, gravy and meat applications.

Comprised of 75% protein and naturally occurring collagen, C3307 can also be a building block for nutrition and bone broth applications.

This chicken flavor adds to Essentia’s full line of ProFlavor products, already featuring the clean label benefits of non-GMO, allergen-free, dairy free and gluten free.

Mike McGuire, senior national sales account manager at Essentia Protein Solutions, said, “This completely soluble and injectable chicken flavor can be used anywhere from meat processing to savory applications to nutritional productsthe uses are endless. C3307 can give developers more flexibility to meet stricter sodium requirements while still provide savory, full-bodied chicken notes in their finished applications."

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