Takasago Opens US Culinary Center

The Takasago Americas division of Takasago has announced the opening of a culinary center in Rockleigh, New Jersey. Staffed with an experienced team of savory professionals, Brian Buck, senior vice president and general manager of Takasago Americas, said, “Our new culinary center will allow us to be increasingly competitive in the global savory market place.” He also added, “The new culinary workplace supports Takasago’s ongoing capabilities in providing exemplary savory flavors.”

The new culinary center represents a further expansion of the company’s savory laboratories, helping bring together the scientific expertise of technical professionals with the creativity and experience of high-class chefs. The center will serves as a significant savory resource where the company’s savory flavors will originate. They will then be evaluated by Takasago’s trained sensory panels for consumer acceptance.

The Takasago Culinary Center will have the capability to duplicate techniques and thermal processing conditions employed by large-scale food manufacturers. The center’s team will also be able to replicate every taste and aroma nuance using analytical, sensory, savory chefs and flavorists, replicating the complex aromas and taste of processed foods.

Buck noted, ““Entering Takasago’s Culinary Center is the same as walking into the spacious working place of a premier chef. It features the very latest in kitchen and savory applications equipment. Takasago has added state-of-the-art equipment including a Rotary Retort for liquid soups and other applications. Visitors will see the most advanced culinary tools in use by chefs and culinary specialists, collaborating from their working stations within a pristine environment, all coming together to create breakthrough savory flavors.”

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