Flavor Focus: Meaty Aromas

Included in this class are 2-methyl-3- furylthiols, α- and β-disulfi des, 3-mercapto- 2-butanol, α-mercapto ketones, 1,4-dithianes, and 3-oxo-tetrahydrothiophenes. A series of 1,3-oxathiolanes, which contained the above characteristic structural unit, were synthesized starting with mercaptoethanol and ketones with toluenesulfonic acid as catalysts in our lab. The results of sensory evaluation for these compounds indicated that all of them had a meaty odor.

The compounds with the characteristic structural unit reported in the literature, most of which do not yet possess FEMA numbers, were classifi ed further into six subclasses, as shown in F-2. They all have a basic meat fl avor, which proved our presumption.

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