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Leanne Stewart, president of Women in Flavour & Fragrance Commerce United Kingdom (WFFC UK), writes about citrus-oriented topics discussed during the organization's symposium—held March 27, 2014, at RC Treatt in Bury St Edmunds—such as citrus oil markets, low-level contaminants in citrus and more.

Introduction to Citrus

John Forbes, global technical support manager, Treatt, gave a talk that was designed to fill in any gaps in attendees’ citrus knowledge. His clear passion and knowledge on citrus was evident. He covered citrus from numerous angles, including cultivation and processing, chemistry and composition, essential oil concentration and fractionation, and aroma and flavor.

Pomelo, he said, is the “daddy” of citrus fruit as we now know it. The industry uses the byproducts of the fruit industry. It takes 1 tonne of oranges to produce 3 kg of orange oil. Smelling strips were passed round as the audience worked its way through a list of citrus examples.

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