Sweegen’s Bestevia Reb E Sweetener Approved in Canada

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Sweegen, Inc. has announced that its non-GMO Bestevia Reb E stevia leaf sweetener can now be sold in Canada after it met regulatory criteria cited in Health Canada's List of Permitted Sweeteners of Steviol Glycosides.

The ingredient can reduce sugars and artificial sweeteners in many applications, including dairy, sports nutrition, and bakery. This ingredient joins the non-GMO Bestevia Reb M and Bestevia Reb D as part of the company’s range of stevia leaf sweetener. Additionally, the company will continue to pursue global approvals for this product and others.  

"Reb E is one of the main components in our Bestevia e+ formulation. E+ was specifically created for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, with the existing application patents around Reb M in beverage in mind. Reb E, mixed with other stevia sweeteners, creates a mouthfeel and taste closest to sugar," said Shari Joslin, VP of application technology.

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