Natural Advantage's Natural Ethyl Methylthiopropionate


Natural Ethyl Methylthiopropionate

Natural Advantage

Natural Advantage introduces natural ethyl methylthiopropionate (FEMA# 3343, CAS# 13327-56-5). It occurs naturally in grape, brandy, wine, passion fruit and pineapple. In pineapple, ethyl methylpropionate is the main organoleptic component; subsequently upon dilution it portrays the characteristics of juicy fresh pineapple. This natural material can be described as fruity, tropical, green and sulfurous. This product would work great for high-intensity health products such as smoothies due to the fact that it contributes to so many fruit flavors and odors. Ethyl methylthiopropionate can be used for tropical fruit, pineapple, grape, mango, and blueberry. Recommended use level: 0.01-1ppm.

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