FlavorHealth Launches at IFT 2016


FlavorHealth has developed specialty flavor systems using numerous different ingredient sources found in nature without compromising the taste. These systems were showcased at the Institute of Food Technologiests Food Expo in Chicago in July.

The company focused on three areas—sugar reduction, sodium reduction and bitter balancing to meet the consumer demands of healthier foods and drinks. The company keeps great flavors without unnecessary ingredients and can provide potential cost savings to manufacturers.

Christian Kopfli, CEO, of FlavorHealth said, “FlavorHealth was created to address these challenges through natural flavor solutions that allow manufacturers to provide consumers with the healthier products they want for themselves and their families.”

Sweet, Salty and Bitter Launches

According to FlavorHealth, they can reduce the amount of sugar in foods and beverages by 30 to 50 percent with their natural sweetening solutions. FlavorHealth Sweeta products intensify sweet tastes of non-caloric and caloric sweetener sources, while keeping the same taste.

FlavorHealth Saltyb can offer between 30 to 60 percent sodium reductions in products to meet sodium guidelines and keeping a normal salty flavor. This can be used in ready meals, beverages, soups, sauces, baked goods and snacks.

The FlavorHealth Bitter Balancec offers solutions to reduce the negative taste characteristics that are often with better-for-you ingredients with 40 to 60 percent reduction in bitterness to improve the taste.


a FlavorHealth Sweet is a registered tradename of FlavorHealth.

b FlavorHealth Salty is a registered tradename of FlavorHealth.

cFlavorHealth Bitter Balance is a tradename of FlavorHealth

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