Zerose Granted GRAS Flavor Status From FEMA


Cargill has been granted generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status for Zerose erythritol for use as a flavor in nonalcoholic beverages by the Flavor & Extract Manufacturers Association of the U.S. (FEMA).

According to Cargill, Zerose erythritol is a zero-calorie, high-digestive tolerance polyol that provides bulk, texture, high cooling effect and preservative benefits of sucrose in sugar-free and calorie-reduced products. 

Zerose erythritol can by used by beverage companies at up to 1.25%, while also labeling the ingredient as "natural flavor."


FEMA GRAS status is currently recognized in the U.S. and Mexico, but other areas are awaiting action.

GRAS has four key criteria, all of which must be met for a food ingredient to be considered generally recognized as safe and exempt from the requirements for food additive approval:

  1. There must be general recognition of safety by qualified experts;
  2. The experts must be qualified by training and experience to evaluate the substance’s safety;
  3. The experts must base their determination of safety on scientific procedures or on common use in food prior to 1958; and
  4. The determination of general recognition of safety must take into account the conditions of intended use for the substance, in other words its function in the food, e.g. flavoring.
FEMA has also recently officially launched its online Flavor Ingredient Library, a free and easily accessible resource for researchers, the media and consumers seeking information on substances that are GRAS for use as flavor ingredients. 
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