Symrise Creates 'Think Mint' Brand for Fresh Taste, Cooling Care

Symrise AG has created an umbrella brand called "think mint," which encompasses fresh taste and cooling care used in oral care products, chewing gum and confectionery. The move comes after a multiyear effort to expand its menthol capacity and increased menthol sales results.

“We are combining our knowledge of oral care and confectionery with 'think mint' and are thereby creating additional value in the form of new mint compositions and combinations," said Dirk Bennwitz, Symrise's senior vice president of the business unit Sweet. "Our customers will be able to position themselves with unique products on the market, that satisfy the tastes of the consumers—both worldwide and with regional variations,” he added. 

As a result of volatile markets as well as specific customer and product requirements, Symrise has created its own sources of raw materials for mint flavors, including its own menthol production facilities. Symrise experts are analyzing how the market for mint flavors is developing and which qualities are desired by various consumers of mint products. From these, they develop varied mint combinations that are relevant for individual markets.

From this diversity of raw materials, flavor specialists develop natural and synthetic mint flavors. In doing so, Symrise is supplementing the natural offerings and offering alternatives to natural mint oils.

Symrise's supplementary offerings include: Optacool and Frescolat SC1, which Symrise says, "provide a pleasant, cooling effect." It also adds that Optaflow "improves mouthfeel" and thus is suitable for oral hygiene products and Optafresh neutralizes the bacteria that cause bad breath and "gives a clean feeling" throughout the day. 

The closed cycle of raw materials, the company says, also ensures sustainable backwards integration of the raw materials used. With this expertise and technology, it helps the company create appropriate products for each market to fit consumer expectations at global quality standards.





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