Agrumaria Reggina to Open Taste Innovation Center in Milan

The center will focus mainly on developing new products for the food and beverage industries.
The center will focus mainly on developing new products for the food and beverage industries.

Agrumaria Reggina will open its first Taste Innovation Center center in Northern Italy, Lombardy Region, in May, 2021.

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The center will host the new R&D lab and will focus on developing products for the beverage industry. It will also contain a development center focused on market analysis.

The new building will host advanced machinery to develop prototypes in the beverage and food fields. The design will bear in mind the strong link between Agrumaria Reggina and the Italian citrus.

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Francesco Chirico, technical director at Agrumaria Reggina, said, "Agrumaria has been a key player in the food and beverage industry over the last few years, thanks to its ability to innovate and offer solutions tailored on our clients’ needs. We constantly evolve, especially with regards to R&D. We are, and we will be, a center of excellence for our land, Reggio Calabria. However, thanks to the Taste Innovation Center in Northern Italy, we will bring our expertise in the food and beverage industry to the center of Europe and of the world." 

Davide Orsi, area sales manager at Agrumaria Reggina, said, "The current market sector of food and beverage is characterized by a strong evolution. It demands from companies a continuous effort to innovate through R&D, so as to be able to remain competitive and react to new market trends. Opening our new Taste Innovation Center was necessary in order to support our clients in their R&D efforts, bringing to the table our technical and marketing competences and offering hints and solutions aligned to what the final consumer expects."

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