Manufacturing Flavors—How the Industry Produces Uniform Flavors

Many of you call yourselves flavorists--and many of you are qualified at this art, but I'll take the liberty of saying that flavorists would be better equipped to perform their functions if they spent some time in their plants observing and actually working on flavor production. I’ll also take the liberty of saying that those who do not do this will never be fully disciplined in flavor creation if they do not routinely see what happens to their creations at the production level.

Our purpose in this paper is to outline how to best carry out completely and economically the total operation of producing and shipping of our flavors. These flavors must meet the total requirements of our customers, our management and certainly pass all the analytical requirements of both our customers and our in-house quality assurance programs. Our primary intent should be that the scaled-up product very closely resembles that flavor we originally created and submitted to our customer who made the long, tedious, and expensive purchasing decision, after many hours of testing, to buy this flavor.

To accomplish all this is no easy task, and you must depend on many individuals within your entire corporation to produce an approved product. I advise you that even the pot and pan or tank washer must be a part of this exercise. If you don’t believe this, try sending out a garlic note in an ice cream flavor or a strawberry fruit product with a toothpaste overtone in it. No one act or no one person plays less of a role of importance than the total group.

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