Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: May June 2001

Gerard Mosciano is joined by Wayne Pohero, Chris Hansen; Judith Michalski, chief creative flavorist, Silesia Flavors; Carl Holmgren, chief creative flavorist, director of flavor development, Brooklyn by Perfetti Ltd.; and Douglas Young, senior creative flavorist, Dragoco, in the organoleptic evaluations presented here, including Propanal, Heptyl Iso Butyrate, Palmitic Acid and more.

Propanal Source: Aldrich FEMA #2923, CAS #123-38-6, Nature identical, Synonym: Propionaldehyde Natural Occurrence: Apple, banana, blue cheese, cauliflower, cooked pork, grape brandy, potato chips, sake, tea, whiskey and wine. Odor: @ 1% PG. Ethereal, pungent, choking with earthy, alcoholic wine lees-like with a whiskey and brandy impact and cocoa, nutty and slightly meaty nuance on dry out with a grape like nuance. Taste: @ 5-10 PPM. Musty, yeasty, ethereal, nutty and vegetative with nuances of potato, blue cheese, grape, banana, apple, broccoli, almond and chocolate. Possible Applications: Bread, yeast enhancers, nut flavors, apple and cider, peach, banana, wine and whiskey and cognac notes. Chocolate and cocoa notes, corn and cucumber.

The piece also discusses the following:

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