Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: September 2005

Gerard Mosciano is joined by Judith Michalski, senior creative flavorist, Edlong Flavors; Carl Holmgren, consulting flavor chemist.; and Douglas Young, principal flavorist, Symrise, in the organoleptic evaluations presented here. Evaluations of Allyl undecylenate, butyl butyryl lactate, butyl ethyl malonate and many more.

Allyl Undecylenate Source: Tasteful Solutions FEMA# 2044, CAS# 7493-76-7 Not reported found in nature. Odor: @ 1.0 percent. Powdery, fatty coconut, waxy and dairy-like with a slight fruity pineapple nuance. Taste: @ from 2.5-10 PPM. Powdery, dry waxy with a slight fl oral fi nish. Possible applications: Milk, cheese and dairy nuances, pineapple, coconut and lamb.

Butyl Butyryl Lactate Source: Aldrich FEMA# 2190, CAS# 7492-70-8, Natural Not reported found in nature. Odor: @ 1.0 percent. Creamy, fatty, dairylike, stale milky with waxy coconut-like nuances. Taste: @ 5 PPM. Creamy mouth feel, buttery dairy, waxy, milky with coconut and cheesy nuances. Possible applications: Milk, coconut, dairy applications such as cream and butter, coumarin, nut nuances for pecan and macadamia, avocado, cherry and blueberry nuances.

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