Flavor Bites: 6-Methyl 5-hepten-2-ol


We all suffer from subtle biases and find it takes an act of will to include a flavor chemical we actually don’t like in a formulation. I have this bias against 6-methyl 5-hepten-2-one. I just don’t like it, and it is a struggle to add it even to flavors such as watermelon, where it is obviously useful. 6-Methyl 5-hepten-2-ol (FEMA# 4884, CAS# 1569-60-4) solves my problem. It has a faint family resemblance to the evil parent ketone but is superior in every respect, especially in watermelon flavors. The character is quite complex. It is first and foremost a soft green note. There are also clear links to apple and lemon characters. Behind all this is a subtle floral, almost lavender note. Nice to find another very interesting recent addition to the FEMA GRAS list, especially one that promises to enhance so many different flavor profiles.

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