Givaudan Invests in Sweetness Solutions

Givaudan (Vernier, Switzerland) is increasing its investment in its TasteSolutions health and wellness taste technology program to address more of the food industry's current sweetness challenges. The company is growing its discovery program to develop new natural ingredients from botanical sources and biotechnology, and it also has a pipeline of artificial molecules and USA GRAS regulatory approval for a new sweetness modifier to add to its existing flavor ingredients palette.

“There is already a trend towards reduced-sugar products and the spectacular rise in sugar prices over the last year is accelerating this pattern,” says Mike Size, Givaudan’s global head of beverages. “We can help customers mitigate rising raw material prices and obtain the great taste and mouthfeel they expect in foods and beverages by enhancing sweetness in low-sugar applications through novel ingredients and building-blocks to bring the taste profile as close as possible to full-sugar.”

Previous investment in sweetness modulation technology enabled Givaudan to develop its TasteSolutions program, which provides sensorially balanced profiles for both naturally and artificially sweetened low- and zero-calorie products, by enhancing their sweetness characteristics while masking undesirable notes and improving the flavor to gain consumer acceptance in the finished application.

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