Fruit and Flavored Still Beverages

A rise in foreign travel and immigration have introduced more people to the foods of other cultures. This has resulted in a growing acceptance of—and interest in—ethnic flavors and recipes, as well as products that claim to be inspired by traditional recipes. This interest in ethnic flavors and traditional recipes has impacted the fruit and flavored still drinks market in 2007.

For example, in Japan, Kirin Beverage has released Peel Macerated Honey Lemon under the Sekai No Kitchen Kara brand. This is a honey and lemon drink made to replicate lemoncello, a homemade Italian drink made from the peel of wax-free, handpicked lemons from Southern Italy that give the drink its pleasant bitterness.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, Keko Marketing has released Ginseng Chrysanthemum Tea under the Keko brand. This is a traditional Chinese beverage made with ginseng, chrysanthemum and liquorice.


Just recently, there has been a revival of interest in herbs due to growth in culinary pursuits, as well as a rising interest in traditional medicines and therapies. Within the fruit and flavored still drinks market, numerous new products have been promoted as containing herbal ingredients. Some of these are included for their flavor-enhancing characteristics. Culinary herbs used by manufacturers include lavender, lemon myrtle, lemon verbena, mint, basil seeds and elderflower.

Herbs have been endorsed as having health and wellness-promoting characteristics. In fact, several new products contain energy-enhancing herbs such as guarana, ginseng and yerba mate. Some other herbs recently launched in products include: ginkgo biloba (enhance memory); jiqucoa (protects the liver); echinacea (boosts the immune system); and kacip fatimah (aid in childbirth).

One final trend in herbal ingredients in this market is body cooling, which uses active herbs including ginseng. In Hong Kong, Swire Coca-Cola Beverages has released Ginseng Honey Drink under the Health Works brand. This drink claims to cool internally and help to revitalize the body. In China, Guangxi Lingsheng Yufeng Health Food Factory has released Honey Herbal Jelly Juice Drink under the Yufeng brand. This herbal drink is said to help reduce body heat and to taste best when served chilled.


Following the rising interest in healthy living, this market has seen more products formulated with trendy, health-promoting ingredients, such as antioxidants and pre- and probiotics, as well as fashionable superfoods—natural ingredients found to contain extraordinarily high levels of vitamins and minerals. Numerous manufacturers within this market have promoted their new fruit and flavored still products as containing such ingredients. Popular superfoods include green tea, açaí berries, acerola cherries, camu camu, cacao, cranberry, blueberry and pomegranate.

In Canada, Happy Planet Foods has released Extreme Purple Fruit Smoothie, a health drink formulated with açaí, beta-carotene, vitamins A and C, green tea, and grape seed extract. Also available in this range is a Sunset Beach Strawberry variety.

In Japan, Morinaga Milk Industry has released Acerola Water under the Sunkist Water Series brand. It is a fruity, refreshing acerola drink that contains 1% acerola juice. It can be used to quench thirst or to accompany a meal. A 200 mL serving of the drink provides 80 mg of vitamin C, satisfying an adult’s daily vitamin C requirements.


Beyond superfoods, a range of new fruit and flavored still drinks were mixed with milk, yogurt or soya. These drinks provide consumers with convenient access to a wider range of nutritional elements in one beverage. Soya-based products have particular appeal with heart-health conscious consumers due to soy’s ability to help lower cholesterol.

In Spain, Carrefour has released Caribbean Juice with Milk Fruit Drink, a blend of milk with orange, pineapple, papaya, mango, guava, carrot, apricot and passion juices, and enriched with vitamins A, C and E.

In Brazil, Nestlé has released Soya Based Juice under the Nestlé Sollys brand. This beverage is available in a grape flavor. It contains soy protein and vitamin C, but does not contain any lactose or cholesterol.

Out-There Additions

Finally, there have been some very unusual flavors and ingredients introduced in the still beverage market. An interesting new product was formulated with nanocolloidal silver, an ingredient that is promoted as having immune system-boosting properties. Excellent Algae in Taiwan has released White Grape Agar-Agar Drink, a specialty product of Penghu made from purified seawater.

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