Orange Carbonyls

Orange carbonyls (orangle aldehydes) (FEMA# 2826, CAS# 8028-48-6) occur in all citrus fruits, especially in sweet orange. Orange carbonyls are colorless to pale yellow liquids having a natural orange, sweet, juicy, fresh peel odor and flavor.

Orange carbonyls are used in citrus flavors for food and beverage. In flavorings, they are mostly used in orange juice concentrates, chilled and canned drinks, and orange soft drinks, as well as in confectionery. Their level of dosage is 1–10 ppm in final product. This product can be used by itself or in combination with concentrated and terpeneless oils and other flavor complexes derived from citrus fruits. Possessing a very high flavor strength (therefore requiring a low level of use), this product can be easily dissolved in the final product.

Orange carbonyls also impart natural orange notes in perfumes. They are used where long-lasting citrus notes are desired in fragrances. Orange carbonyls impart a distinct aldehyde note with juicy undertones that can be used where a decanal type note is needed.

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