Emerging Trends in Soft Drink Flavors

There are so many options when it comes to soft drink flavors that it’s hard to decide which flavor. Luckily, soft drink flavor trends are quite clear. The latest trends emerging are unique fruity flavors and enticing citrus and herbal flavors that promise both refreshment and great taste. New fruity flavors range from twists on classic fruit flavors to exotic combinations. Latest citrus and herbal sodas have made an equally large impression in the market. Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) looks at the latest trends in soft drink flavors, noting some tantalizing new products.

Mouth-watering Bursts of Fruit

In Russia, Frustyle Black Currant Apple Melissa Flavored Ice Soft Drink is a new soft drink especially developed for the 2008 summer season. It is the first carbonated Frustyle drink that does not contain preservatives and contains a minimum of 13% juice.

In Japan, Pokka has introduced a refreshing carbonated soft drink in a pineapple flavor. It contains no real fruit juice and is packaged in a vibrant yellow bottle. Also introduced by Pokka was a large carbonated soft drink in a melon cream soda flavor and is packaged in a can. 

From Guatamala, Ice Ade Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink Mix is now available in a cherry flavor. This kosher-certified product is caffeine-free and is a good source of vitamin C.

Citrus and Herbal Fusion

For a crisp refreshing taste consumers can turn toward citrus and herbal flavors in the soft drink aisle. In Spain, Moxito Carbonated Drink has come out with original citrus and peppermint flavor. This product is retailed in 250 mL cans and 1 L bottles and is available as an alcoholic drink variety. 

In the United States, Polar Beverages has innovated Fruit a Peel Pomegranate Evolution Spritzer—an all-natural pure fruit juice blend made with natural ingredients and sparkling water. It is made with 5% juice and Polar Seltzer. The certified kosher drink is naturally sweetened and is said to provide a great tasting, reduced-calorie alternative to traditional soft drinks. One serving contains 60 calories while leading beverages contain 90–130 calories per serving. 

Also in the United States, Organic Zota has repackaged several flavors of their Green Tea Soda in 10.5 fl oz cans with a new look. The new packaging is intended to stand out more to the consumer, and it features a different character on each can. The premium beverages are fair-trade-certified, kosher-certified and inspected and passed by the USDA. The following flavors are available: Ginger Pale Ale, Island Pineapple and Razzberry.

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