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Citrus is one of the fastest-growing flavor categories and considered one of the most important taste profiles, especially for beverages. Citrus taste profiles come from all corners of the globe, and it is a signature flavor in a variety of applications from juices to soft drinks to on-trend products such as functional lifestyle beverages or hard seltzers. This makes citrus flavors a vital component for product development.

The desire for emerging new flavors and natural clean label ingredients is just one of the evolving consumer trends that impact global demand for citrus. However, the key to delivering quality citrus flavor begins by using quality raw materials at the source, combining cutting-edge extraction and distillation techniques to help unlock unrivaled and authentic citrus taste.

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As a major player in the food and beverage industry, ADM’s innovative citrus portfolio offers a variety of new taste profiles, incorporating tonalities from around the world to deliver the familiar or surprising citrus flavors that consumers will love. With their broad expertise through the entire citrus value chain, ADM offers the right citrus flavor profile for consumer-preferred products.

Unlocking groundbreaking taste in citrus requires ADM’s next level citrus expertise to achieve success in market. ADM utilizes a vast portfolio of in-house citrus raw materials, including specialty products and captive ingredients, to unlock unlimited creation possibilities and help shape individual taste profiles. Our in-depth understanding and knowledge of citrus aroma molecules and fractions creates flexibility to develop tailor made flavor solutions.

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ADM’s unique separation technologies, including cold extraction processes and proprietary blending technique, create an authentic, whole fruit experience. We specialize in reconstructing true-to-fruit citrus flavors and deliver products with superior stability in beverage applications. With one of the industry’s largest capacities for citrus processing, ADM possesses the technological bandwidth to provide individualized citrus solutions with the best citrus ingredients nature has to offer.

By combining a deep technical knowledge of citrus with ingenuity and creativity, ADM excels in citrus flavor development and ensures winning solutions across all applications. As specialists in food and beverage product development, ADM’s citrus expertise provides you with endless opportunity to explore fresh and inventive ways to deliver exciting and refreshing citrus flavor. Discover a fresh, new adventure in citrus for your brand with ADM today.


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