Yogurtland Celebrates 15 Years with Re-Imagined Flagship Flavor

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Small Batch Super Tart is available in a small batch for a limited time only throughout the month of February, 2021. Photo: Yogurtland's Facebook.

Yogurtland is celebrating its 15-year anniversary by giving its best-selling and original flavor a special twist this month: a Small Batch Super Tart.

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This new flavor, which takes Yogurtland's popular Plain Tart to a whole new level, is one of many additions throughout the year to pay tribute to the brand's 15-year anniversary. 

Small Batch Super Tart contains probiotics, is gluten-free and amplifies the beloved Plain Tart flavor profile with a stronger tart taste that is balanced with subtle sweetness. It is available in a small batch for a limited time only throughout the month of February, 2021.

In addition to the Super Tart roll out, Yogurtland will also be entering its 15-year anniversary with emphasis on digital marketing. Yogurtland will work to champion digital elements such as online ordering, a fully revamped and optimized mobile app and much more this year.

Offering more possibility for customization, Yogurtland's introduction will offer more user-friendly capabilities and opportunities to connect with its loyalty rewards members.

Yogurtland's senior marketing manager, Brittany Knollmiller says, "Our fans love Yogurtland's iconic Plain Tart flavor that has helped to pave the way for the Yogurtland brand and the frozen yogurt industry for over 15 years. To pay homage, we created a re-imagined, bolder tart flavor that would be hard for our super fans to resist. We're also excited to bring a more seamless customer experience with the launch of our new mobile app and extended ordering options later this anniversary year." 

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