Nightfood's Pickle Ice Cream to Hit Shelves

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Nightfood's Pickle For Two flavor will be available at select retailers throughout New England beginning March, 2021. Photo: Nightfood.

Nightfood, Inc., a company with nighttime snacks for better sleep, has announced that its Pickles For Two ice cream flavor is being added to store shelves as of spring 2021.

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Nightfood, the official ice cream of the American Pregnancy Association, developed the Pickles For Two flavor to drive word-of-mouth within the pregnancy community and drive interest among consumers, the media and pregnancy professionals.

Nightfood's ice cream was formulated by sleep and nutrition experts with ingredients that research suggests can support nighttime relaxation and better sleep quality. 

The pickle flavor ice cream will be carried in multiple retailers and will begin appearing on-shelves in Shaw’s and Star Market locations throughout New England during March, 2021.

Jenny Mitchell, Nightfood COO and national sales director said, “We are excited to add this unique flavor to Shaw’s and Star Market and we will be announcing another retailer soon. Retailers place additional value on the pregnant consumer household.  They see Nightfood’s Pickles For Two as a differentiated offering that can drive incremental consumer foot traffic and store revenue, while helping to solidify a deeper long-term relationship with those high-value households.”

Nightfood CEO Sean Folkson said, “The response to Pickles For Two on social media was very enthusiastic from both pregnant and non-pregnant consumers. In addition to pregnant women, lots of people just love pickles, and they have expressed a desire to try this flavor.  We’re excited to see what this new distribution will do in terms of driving trial and repeat purchase, both of the pickle flavor itself, and of the other Nightfood flavors in those stores.  Shaw’s will be adding Pickles For Two in place of Cherry Eclipse, one of my personal favorites. This kind of ongoing flavor assortment optimization is part of the standard retailer process with both new and established brands."

“We’re extremely proud to have earned the privilege of returning in all our chains for 2021 after a year that was very challenging for many other young and disruptive brands.  Supermarket category managers have communicated their confidence in Nightfood based on their analysis of the data and our efforts to date.  And they seem universally excited about our improved on-pack messaging," said Folkson.

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