OLIPOP Debuts Classic Grape Flavor

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OLIPOP will donate 10% of its proceeds to local co-ops in Oakland, CA.

OLIPOP has launched a new flavor, Classic Grape, a soda made with nutritious ingredients, low sugar and high fiber.

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A fresh take on an old flavor, Classic Grape joins six other flavors in the brand’s permanent assortment. Single cans will retail for $2.49 in-store, with 12-packs available online for $36.

OLIPOP is also supporting healthy eating in its hometown of Oakland, CA by donating 10% of proceeds from the first week of Grape’s online sales to Mandela Grocery and The Deep, two local co-ops. Both Mandela Grocery and The Deep are worker-owned and dedicated to providing their communities with locally sourced, organic produce.

Ben Goodwin, co-founder and formulator at OLIPOP, said, “Many Americans today live in communities where it is easier and more affordable to purchase grape soda instead of a handful of grapes. So, we’re making grape soda the OLIPOP way and launching it with partners who are working to bring healthier food to communities that need it most.”

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