Flavorcon Virtual 2021 On-Demand Registration Closing Soon

Registration is coming to a close on December 17, 2021; however, the programs will be on-demand until January 26, 2021.
Registration is coming to a close on December 17, 2021; however, the programs will be on-demand until January 26, 2021.

Did you miss out on Flavorcon Virtual? We have great news: on-demand access to all sessions is still available through Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2022, by simply logging in with your existing credentials or creating a new registration here.

Registration is coming to a close on December 17, 2021; however, the programs will be on-demand until January 26, 2022.

The global, interactive conference is designed for flavorists, product developers, R&D leaders, food scientists and consumer packaged goods professionals.

Welcome to Flavorcon 2021! 

  • Ray Lampe, aka Dr. BBQ

Spices and Herbs: Ground or Extracts: Can You Taste the Difference? 

  • Robin Boyle
  •  Shane T. McDonald

Presented by Bronze Sponsor: Berjé | 5,000 Years of Garlic: From Mesopotamia to Modern Markets 

  • Maria-Paz Gonzalez, Ph.D.
  •  Man Trinh
  •  Judy Tucci

9:05 am - 9:10 am Presented by: Petrolab Company | Why Flashpoint is Critical for Your Transportation and Regulatory Requirements 

  • Richard Palmer, Speaker

Picking the Perfect Taste Profile: Three Creative Strategies 

  • Gena Tiesch
  •  Molly Zimmerman

Presented by Silver Sponsor: CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society CAS Formulas: Formulating Trends of Food Flavors to Product Fragrances 

  • Molly A. Strausbaugh

Flavor Development with Sustainability in Mind 

  • Tony Moore

 Presented by: Doehler North America Getting the Best Out of Nature: Trends in Teas and Botanicals 

  • Joel Longbons

Presented by: MilliporeSigma | MilliporeSigma Session 

    Looking Forward: Food and Beverage Trends 

    • Stephanie Mattucci

    Savory Reaction Flavors for Organic Foods 

    • Paul Ricciardi

    Creating Superior Flavors by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence 

    • Katja M. Tiitinen, Ph.D.

     Plant-based Seafood Analogues: Drivers and Challenges 

    • Nadji Rekhif, Ph.D.

    Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials 

    • Judith Michalski

    Taste the Health Halo of Signaling Flavors 

    • Marie Wright
    •  Jennifer Zhou

    Presented by: Aryballe | Unlocking the Power of Objective Odor Data for Food, Flavors and Fragrances 

    • Fanny Turlure, Ph.D.

    Presented by: DSM Food Specialties  |  Sustainable High-Intensity Sweetener Solution—Fast Tracking Your Development 

    • Nachi Adaikalavan

    The Challenges of Flavoring Enhanced Protein Foods 

    • Gary Reineccius

    Presented by: Pall Corporation | Flavor Filtration Capabilities 

    • Marina Ferreira

    Flavor Bites: One-on-One with John Wright 

    • John Wright, Speaker

    Cross-cultural Influences in Multi-sensory Flavor Perception and Association 

    • Annalisa Nash Fernandez

    Lemon Bites: From Manufacturing to Everyday Products 

    • Kurt Nordman

    Upcycled Flavor 

    • Eric Besset

    Sustainable Flavors: Reevaluating Traditional Production Methods 

    • Dmitry Bachin, Ph.D.

    The Bioengineered Label: Navigating Evolving Requirements on Genetically Modified and Bioengineered Food Ingredients 

    • Luke Grocholl, Ph.D.

    For more information on all of the Flavorcon 2021 sessions, you can visit www.flavorcon-virtual.com. Be sure to mark your calendar for Flavorcon 2022 happening in person in Cincinnati, OH, November 9-10. For more details, visit www.flavorcon.com.

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