Iberchem to Host Multisensory Concert


The Iberchem Group will host “Notes & Accords,” a multisensory concert, on October 17, 2019 at the Romea Theatre of Murcia.

Performed by the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia—under the direction of Virginia Martínez—the concert will combine music and fragrance, with all proceeds benefitting the NGO SOS Children’s Villages.

“It is the first time that a fragrance company has organized a multisensory concert of such a scale,” said head of communication Guillaume Audy. “By combining classical music and scents, we will be taking the members of the audience on an olfactory and musical journey corresponding to the characteristics of different countries where Iberchem has a facility. All eight fragrances to be presented are original creations by the perfumers of Iberchem.”

“At Iberchem, we continuously foster creativity. After pairing original fragrances with the artworks of Nasevo, we are now exploring the symbiosis between fragrances and music,” added CEO Ramón Fernández. “This event is only one of the many initiatives the group is currently unfolding as part of our CSR plan, which seeks to carry out improvement actions in different social, cultural and environmental areas.”

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