3rd Annual Sustainable Fragrances Conference Approaches

Offering presentations and information on new products, research and industry forecasts, as well as an overview of the fragrance industry’s supply chain, the 3rd Annual Sustainable Fragrances conference will take place June 9–10, 2011 in Arlington, Virginia. Drawing presenters and attendees including suppliers, trade associations, brand owners, government entities and industry publications, the conference will cover ingredients, materials, marketing, and industry challenges and opportunities.

“The agenda for Sustainable Fragrances 2011 will provide insight from NGOs, the fragrance and personal care industries, and industry publications so that delegates leave with an understanding of all facets of this sector. There will be several interactive panel discussions allowing everyone in attendance to shape the conference,” said Christine Groff, conference director at IntertechPira, which puts on the Sustainable Fragrances event. “Last year’s conference attracted more than 100 professionals, and we are well on our way to building on that number. Sustainable Fragrances 2011 is the key place for the fragrance industry to meet this year.”

Key speakers include Guy Vincent, perfumer, Aveda; Michael Bronner, vice president, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps; Tim Whiteley, global R&D director, CPL Aromas; Jeb Gleason-Allured, editor, Perfumer & Flavorist magazine; and Gregory van Buskirk, research rellow, and Aileen Zerrudo, director, corporate communications—corporate responsibility, both from The Clorox Company. Attendees will also hear from Steve Herman; Michelle Radecki, American Cleaning Institute; Annie M. Ugurlayan, Better Business Bureau; D. Douglas Fratz, Consumer Specialty Products Association; Libby Sommer, EPA Design for the Environment; Reed Doyle, Seventh Generation; Jack Corley, Trilogy Fragrances LLC; Pierre Hellivan, Vigon; Erin Switalski, Women’s Voices for the Earth; and Professor Julie Zimmerman, Yale University.

Co-chaired by Jennifer Abril, executive director, IFRA North America; and Dr. Ladd Smith, president, Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM), the event will also include luncheons and receptions. For more information, visit www.sustainablefragrances.com.

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