ICTC Keynote Discusses Skin and Perfume, China and Regulations


The opening ceremony keynote lecture at the 2010 International Cosmetic Technology Communication Forum, held October 23, 2010 in Beijing, was presented by two experts on technology and regulation, respectively. Shuzo Ishidate, PhD, president and COO, Shiseido China Research Center Co., Ltd., presented a development future of global cosmetic technology, saying, “Leading-edge technology, like noninvasive observation methods, 3D tissue engineered skin models and gene chips should be applied in cosmetics more often.” He also discussed his belief on how cosmetics combined with nourishment can improve efficacy and how skin barrier function can be improved by perfume.

As to the regulation, Professor Zhao Hua from BTBU presented the current situation and the core concerns of Chinese cosmetic regulation. He shared his ideas on dealing with cosmetic safety and risk control, administrative licensing of cosmetic new ingredients and risk assessment of hazard material.

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