Photos: From Helena to Rihanna—Kathleen Galvin’s Unique Career in Fragrance and Beauty

Kathleen Galvin, vice president of marketing and advertising for Parlux Fragrances, was honored during the 30th annual open dinner of Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce (WFFC). In the October issue of P&F magazine, Galvin discusses her work with celebrity fragrance licenses and her career in beauty and fragrance.

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In the interview, Galvin says she values her work with perfumers. “I so admire them because they … have to be good chemists, they have to know what’s going to work well together, they have to be grounded enough in the business to know that what they’re creating has to fit a pricing profile, and they have to give it their absolute best because they want to win the business.” At the same time, she understands the fierce competition not only among fragrance houses, but among perfumers within each company. “I realize it’s a tremendous task they have in front of them,” she says. “They bring such great energy to it. It’s been such a privilege to work with them. I look at them as artists.”

Galvin, who says she was surprised by the WFFC’s honor, says, “I very much appreciate the opportunities they give to members to network, socialize and do what I think of as real-world continuing education. I think it’s tremendously valuable to create an organization where the women of our industry have the opportunity to learn from each other. I’m very grateful that they’ve found my efforts worthy, whether for mentoring or product development or promoting our industry.”



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