Show preview: Flavours & Fragrances 2007

Organized by the RSC Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector and the SCI Fine Chemicals Group, the 2007 Flavours & Fragrances conference is a venue where chemistry serves as the central discipline to uncover how smell and taste function. Taking place at the Imperial College in London from September 24–26, the conference consists of five sessions introduced and run by conference chairmen Philip Kraft (Givaudan) and Karl Swift (Tocris Bioscience). Here is the full schedule of speakers for each session:

Session 1: Fragrance Chemistry I

September 24, 2:00 pm—The Welcome Address: Philip Kraft (Givaudan)

2:10 pm—Marine Odorants, SOR: Helmut Hügel (RMIT University)

2:45 pm—New Molecules, Synthesis: Caroline Plessis (Mane)

3:20 pm—Tea break

3:50 pm—Sila-Odorants, Structure-Odor Correlation: Reinhold Tacke (University of Würzburg)

4:25 pm—Furans/Pyrans/Lactones: Elisabet Duñach-Clinet (University of Nice-Sofia Antipolis)

5:00 pm—Ambrox, Cetalox and Analogues: Roger Snowden (Firmenich)

5:35 pm—Enantioselective Catalysis in Fragrance Chemistry: Alessandra Ciappa (University of Cà Foscari)

6:10 pm—Close

7:00 pm—Welcome dinner

Session 2: Olfaction and Perfumery

September 25, 9:00 am—Receptors and Biochemistry of Olfaction: Dietmar Krautwurst (Dt. Inst. Ernährungsf.)

9:35 am—Brain Imaging: Thomas Hummel (University of Dresden Med. School)

10:10 am—Tea break

10:40 am—Synergies of Natural and Synthetic Perfumery Materials: Céline Ellena (Charabot)

11:15 am—Overdoses in Perfumery: Geza Schoen (Escentric Molecules)

11:50 am—Virgin Headspace, Perfuming the ‘Perfume’ Movie: Christophe Laudamiel (IFF)

12:25 pm—Lunch

2:00 pm—Chemoreception/Perception: Charles Sell (Givaudan)

Session 3: Natural Products

2:35 pm—The Chemistry of Pinene and Pinane: Mark Erman (Millennium Chemicals)

3:10 pm—Tea break

3:45 pm—Scents of Tropical Flowers: Daniel Joulain (Robertet)

4:20 pm—New Natural Products: Robin Clery (Givaudan)

Session 4: Fragrance Chemistry II

4:55 pm—Recent Developments in the Chemistry of Sandalwood Odorants: Constanze Brocke (Symrise)

5:30 pm—Adventures in Precursor Chemistry: Felix Flachsmann (Givaudan)

6:05 pm—Close

7:00 pm—Conference banquet

September 26, 9:00 am—Fragrance Chemistry: Charles Fehr (Firmenich)

9:35 am—Woody Odorants: Cedar, Vetiver and Patchouli: Philip Kraft (Givaudan)

10:10 am—Tea break

10:45 am—Musks: Hiroyuki Matsuda (Takasago)

11:20 am—Macrocycles: Johannes Panten (Symrise)

11:55 am—New Ionone Chemistry: Giovanni Vidari (Università di Pavia)

12:30 pm—Lunch

Session 5: Foods and Flavors

2:00 pm—The Wonderful World of High-Impact Sulfur Aroma Compounds: Frank Ott (Symrise)

2:35 pm—Sweet Taste Compounds: Angela Bassoli (University Milano)

3:10 pm—Tea break

3:45 pm—Taste Research at Nestlé: Johannes le Coutre (Nestlé)

4:20 pm—Food Flavors/Structure-Aroma Relationships: Peter Schieberle (TU Munich)

4:55 pm—Flavor Science: Chris Winkel (Givaudan)

5:30 pm—Closing Remarks: Karl Swift (Tocris Bioscience)

5:45 pm—End

An informal dinner for all delegates will be held in Imperial College on Monday, September 24 (included in registration fee). In addition, a conference dinner has been arranged in a restaurant close to Imperial College for Tuesday, September 25 (cost = 30 pounds). If you are interested in attending, click here to download registration form, which needs to be turned in by August 24. The costs are as follows: members of RSC or SCI pay 300 pounds, non-members pay 350 pounds, student or retired members pay 150 pounds and student non-members pay 175 pounds. For more information, contact Elaine Wellingham, conference secretariat; tel: 44-(0)1275-853311; e-mail:;

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