Who's Driving the Flavor Industry's Reputation?

FEMA has just added journalist and "How Junk Food Can End Obesity" author David H. Freedman to its fall meeting lineup to discuss the food industry he covers.

Freedman is a contributing editor at The Atlantic and at Inc. Magazine, a contributor to Scientific American, and a consulting editor for Johns Hopkins Medicine International. He is the author of five books, the most recent being WRONG, which is about the problems with the published findings of scientists and other experts. Much of his current work is related to obesity, nutrition, and health-related behavior change.

In today’s increasingly connected world, food and flavor companies’ reputations are crucial intangible assets in stakeholder relations and image management.

This year’s FEMA Fall Symposium, to be held on October 22-24 in New Brunswick, New Jersey (click here to view the registration page), will address among a number of other hot topics, external reputation drivers including legislators and regulators, social and digital media influencers, traditional media and consumers and ethical supply chain managers.

It will also discuss how these external influences impact overall perception and what companies and industries can do to manage perception among these various external stakeholders.

Featured speakers will provide an opportunity for representatives from research, marketing, sales, commercial, and regulatory departments to learn how external influences shape the public's perception of individual organizations and the industry as a whole. The featured speakers include: Bernie Giblin, director of global operations Sedex; Elizabeth Johnson, founder Food Directions LLC; Polly Wood, director of special projects Reputation.com.

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