[Update] Firmenich at Perfumery for the New Normal Now on Demand

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Ilaria Resta, president of global perfumery, and Frank Voelkl, principal perfumer, represented Firmenich during their respective panel discussions at the Perfumery for the New Normal virtual event.

Ilaria Resta, president of global perfumery at Firmenich participated in the “Fragrance Leadership During COVID-19” panel at the Perfumery for the New Normal virtual event, now on demand, where industry leaders discussed how they view the impacts of COVID-19 and the future of fragrance.

During the Leadership panel, Resta remarked, "The pandemic has confirmed and reinforced our comitment to positive impact on sustainability and well-being. We have devoted even more resources to accelerate our interventions, to deliver against the United Nations sustainabile development goals."

Resta was named president, global perfumery in March 2020 and is transforming the company’s fine fragrance and body and home care business. A passionate business leader with expertise in brand building, sales and P&L management, Ilaria has more than 22 years of experience with Procter & Gamble building iconic brands such as Tide, Pantene and Herbal Essences.

Frank Voelkl, principal perfumer with Firmenich took part in the “Fragrance Creativity in Unprecedented Times” panel, featuring senior perfumers discussing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on materials, the supply chain and more; shifting consumer scent preferences; how COVID-19 has impacted sustaina­bility and natural ingredients; and the ways in which COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of fragrance and more.

During the panel discussion Voelkl described fragrance as something of a medicine: "It's about emotions. This whole time, and still is in a way, its a time of very heightened and very powerful emotions. There's a lot of anxiety, there's insecurity, there's illness, there's sorrow, there's pain. I think really what fragrance does, it taps into those emotions and helps you to deal with these strong emotions and if you're looking for comfort, a fragrance can provide that. If you're looking to be carried away, a fragrance can do that."

Visiting his uncle’s farm in the countryside of his native Germany, pungent barnyard odors, like hay and fresh rain, first piqued Voelkl's interest in the scents of nature. He spent his formative years in the Netherlands and France. Upon his graduation from ISIPCA, Voelkl's first fragrance—a Tiare flower—was a beautiful homage to his Tahitian wife. Voelkl later moved to New York in 1995. Best known for his stunning creations, he demonstrates great diversity through his work, which includes Justin Bieber Girlfriend, Escada Turquoise Summer, Gucci Bamboo, Avon Life by Kenzo Takada (collaboration), Hugo Reversed and, most recently, O Boticario The Blend.

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