Day 3: WPC 2007; New Pics Added

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Today was a day of compelling insights. John Pascale (Aromatech) opened things up, stating: "...I would like to say that I have noticed a troubling trend in fragrance creation. The perfumer used to be the artist that created the picture. Now the perfumer has become the brush that is guided over the canvas by others, the customer, the marketers and the evaluators. I am not sure that this is the best formula for creating great lasting fragrances. I believe that the creative pendulum has swung too far in the wrong direction. After all it is the perfumer that best knows the aroma elements and their usage." Next, Achim Daub (Symrise) discussed the boom in private labels and warned about growing production price/product cost gaps. Meanwhile, REACH became official on June 1 of this year—and the costs, according to Daub, could total 100 million euros. This leaves material costs and availability in limbo. On a less troubling note, Jean-Pierre Houri (IFRA) gave attendees an overview of REACH's architecture, with the stated goal of minimizing costs and limiting the loss of precious raw materials. Tonight, attendees will gather for the big gala dinner overlooking the ocean, complete with live music and fireworks.