2018 Experimental Scent Summit Details Revealed

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The Institute for Art and Olfaction (IAO), in collaboration with Smell Lab, has released details on its second annual Experimental Scent Summit, which will take place April 18–19, 2018, at The Swedenborg Society in London, England.

Preceding the Art and Olfaction Awards, the two-day event will feature a series of scheduled talks, discussions, roundtables and workshops on experimental scent practices. Olfactory artists will meet and discuss challenges of working with scent in art.

Wednesday, April 18, Schedule:

  • 10:00: Introduction with Klara Ravat, Saskia Wilson-Brown
  • 10:15: Olfactory Art with Klara Ravat
  • 10:45: Poison Perfume and Other Adventures in Conceptualizing Scent with Miguel Matos
  • 11:15: The Library of Smell with Hisako Inoue
  • 11:45: In conversation with The Candy Perfume Boy with Eddie Bulliqi and Thomas Dunckley
  • 13:30: The Olfactory project at "Museum of All and Everyone" with Laimė Kiškūnė
  • 14:00: Olfactory design for healthier food intake with Thijs ElichandRenske van Vroonhoven
  • 14:30: Vantaa Black Sense and the Smell of Peatland with Hilda Kozáriand Léda Vesmanen
  • 15:30: A Guide to Creating Uncomfortable Questions with Oswaldo Maciá
  • 16:00: Sharing Olfactory Experiences with Boris Raux
  • 16:30: The Nose onstage: Olfactory Perspectives for Theatrical Work with Dr. Anna D'Errico
  • 17:00: Embodied Scents with Hortus Apertus

Thursday, April 19, Schedule:

  • 10:00: Introduction with Klara Ravat, Saskia Wilson-Brown
  • 10:15: Are there olfactory illusions? Why does it matter? with Harry Sherwood
  • 10:45: Sex, Sabotage, and Scent: A Table Read with Sarah Baker and Orlando Seale
  • 11:15: Altered States: Transcendence and the Uncanny with Chris Gordon
  • 11:45: Approaching "All Natural" Perfume Design as Form of Limited Palette Olfactory Art with Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
  • 13:30: New Work, New Technologies with Frederik Duerinck
  • 14:00: The Power of Scent. Scent in Context. with Peter De Cupere
  • 14:45: Olfactory Games: Maki's Method with Maki Ueda, Sunna Svavarsdottir, Lauren Jetty Howells-Green
  • 16:00: Scent Communication with Sound with Daniel Sonabend
  • 16:30: The Fantasy of the Oriental Fragrance with Julianne Lee
  • 17:00: The Com(m)une Perfume with Antonio Gardoni
  • 17:30: New Models for Ownership in Perfume with Saskia Wilson-Brown

 To learn more about the program, visit the IAO website