Perfumer Survey: What do Perfumers Think About Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Fragrance Formulation?

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Pexels photo by Michelangelo Buonarroti

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in fragrance formulation is gaining traction. The forthcoming June issue is dedicated to the recent advancements in the sector. In the March issue, Procter & Gamble research fellow perfumer Phil Porter discussed the impact of machine learning in fragrance formulation.

Porter penned, "Will AI replace perfumers? AI can certainly replace many predictable tasks of the perfumer but once again perfumers need to adapt. Just as the invention of the film camera removed the job of image capture from the artist—so the artist was freed to become more creative in their output and AI should spur a boost in creativity. The robots base their decisions on available data and they’re not as well suited to creating Ernest Beaux’s "new and original notes" which should provide a virtuous cycle of perfumers adopting new materials and technologies more quickly."

I will be connecting with fragrance curator Mark Knitowski to discuss the evolution of AI in fragrance formulation and what the future looks like for perfumers with this technology. But we'd also like to hear from you! Please send an email to with your thoughts on utilizing AI in fragrance formulation. Do you find it helpful? What does the relationship look like between perfumer and machine? What are the long-term effects? Responses can be anonymous when we share them on the podcast. 

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