Takasago 2023 Leaders & Newsmakers


Research and development are two cornerstones of Takasago’s legacy. With its corporate mission, "Create new value through innovation rooted in kaori (aroma in Japanese)" and Vision 2040, "Care for People, Respect the Environment," it has consistently built up its research and development capabilities to develop innovative flavors and fragrances which meet the needs of customers and consumers. In 2022, the company debuted two laboratories, the Molecular Transformation Laboratory and the Biodesign Laboratory. Moreover, in the changing research environment with significant advances in IT technology and open innovation, Takasago purchased a business site in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture in 2022. Takasago has determined that a new core facility is needed to achieve further growth as globally expanding Takasago Group’s Center of Excellence. The construction of this facility is planned to be completed by 2028.

In the pages ahead, Takasago president and CEO Satoshi Masumura speaks to how recent trends and obstacles inform the company’s latest developments and strategies in this year’s Leaders & Newsmakers issue.

To read the entire interview with Takasago, visit the 2023 Leaders and Newsmakers issue.

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