Flavor Apprentice Minh Nguyen Favors Powder & Beverage Applications


Minh Nguyen [MN]: Having obtained a degree in chemistry, specifically in synthetic chemistry, I find interest in creating new things. I ran into the flavor apprentice position while searching for a job after graduation that related to chemistry. I was very curious and excited at the time of the interview for the position because flavorist was a relatively new profession to me at the time. I was very interested in the position after learning about this profession throughout the interview. I thought it was a good career pathway where I could use the knowledge I have in chemistry, as well as the creativity that I could apply in this field. Inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm from my mentors after being a flavor apprentice, I realized becoming a successful flavor chemist was not only a career, but also a passion that I wanted to achieve even though it would be long hard journey.

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