Symrise Diana Food Introduces App For Farming and Sourcing Traceability

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The app will create a digital agro-community comprised of Symrise Diana Food’s 13 global agronomists and its fruit and vegetable producers.

Symrise Diana Food has announced an agreement with SMAG Smart Agriculture for the development of a customized mobile software app that will digitize the global agronomic activities of Symrise Diana Food.

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Symrise Diana Food has decided to implement this digital solution to structure, gather and coordinate all of its agro-data in one place using a common language. The app, which is part of the SMAG Agreo business software platform, will create a digital agro-community comprised of Symrise Diana Food’s 13 global agronomists and its fruit and vegetable producers. It will serve as a repository of the company’s complete knowledge of agronomy, with agro-data gathered and structured cohesively and accurately.

Collecting and securing information accurately right in the field will enable Symrise Diana Food to harmonize its vast agronomy data and homogenize agronomy practices at farms across Europe and the Americas. The software will improve scalability, facilitate continuity plans and make traceability more attractive to all stakeholders.

Symrise Diana Food is currently piloting the app in two countries, France and Chile, for testing prior to global rollout. Phase 1 launch, scheduled for October 2021, will include customized functionalities and development protocols that relate specifically to Symrise Diana Food. A potential phase two update will include added functionalities that phase one identifies, as well as a direct connection to Symrise Diana Food’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform.

SMAG Smart Agriculture publishes and develops growing practice efficiency tools and provides support for digital transformation across all agricultural sectors. While the company is recognized as a leader in high-tech software solutions for seed companies, its partnership with Symrise Diana Food represents a pioneering effort in the digitization of agronomy data for an ingredient company.

Nicolas Gribius, EAME agronomy manager at Symrise Diana Food, said, “Many consumers lack trust in the food supply. The use of this digital technology demonstrates how Symrise Diana Food helps its customers address this concern with highly accurate, high-quality data.”

Nicolas Gribius added, “Onboarding this digital solution serves as an example of how Symrise Diana Food is demonstrating its leadership in the industry by applying new technology to agronomy to meet market demands. Our customer base considers societal factors like transparency and traceability extremely important. With the Agreo app in place, we expect to mitigate risks and reduce human error by constructing a detailed database of our agronomic knowledge.”

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