Art and Olfaction Award Finalists Revealed

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The Institute for Art and Olfaction has announced the finalists for the second annual Art and Olfaction Awards, to be held at the Goethe-Institut in Los Angeles on April 17, 2015.

Two winners will be selected from the categories Artisan and Independent, and one Sadakichi Award for Experimental Scent, a new category added for the 2015 Awards. 


  • A City on Fire, by Imaginary Authors; Perfumer: Josh Meyer Portland, USA
  • Eau de Céleri by Monsillage; Perfumer: Isabelle Michaud Montréal, Canada
  • Foxglove by DS & Durga; Perfumers: David Seth Moltz + Kavi Moltz New York, USA
  • Tobacco Cognac by House of Cherry Bomb; Perfumers: Alexis Karl + Maria McElroy New York, USA
  • Woodcut by Olympic Orchids; Perfumer: Ellen Covey Seattle, USA


  • Ombre Indigo by Olfactive Studio;  Perfumer: Mylène Alran Paris, France
  • Boccanera by OrtoParisi; Perfumer: Allessandro Guialtieri Amsterdam, Holland
  • Pashay by Ray Matts; Perfumer: Christophe Laudamiel New York, USA
  • Black Pepper & Sandalwood by Acca Kappa; Perfumer: Luca Maffei Treviso, Italy
  • Skive by Canoe; Perfumer: Jessica Hannah Austin, USA


  • Catalin; Team: Charles Long, Carrie Paterson, Karen Reitzel, Seth Hawkins, Emery Martin, Michael Mascha The Contemporary Austin, USA
  • Chroma; Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Denver Art Museum, USA
  • Crime and Punishment; Team: Mike McGinley, Charles McGinley, Noah Bremer, Ben Heywood Minnesota Fringe Festival, USA
  • Famous Deaths; Team: Marcel van Brakel, Frederik Duerinck, Wander Eikelboom, Caro Verbeek MOTI, Holland
  • In Libro De Tenebris; Paul Schütze Maggs Gallery, England

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