ACI Reveals New Strategic Plan Targeting Four Pillars

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ACI CEO Melissa Hockstad revealed the organization’s new strategic plan which centers on business, science, sustainability and communications as the four pillars of focus.

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) board of directors has approved a new strategic plan, which president and CEO Melissa Hockstad said will better position the organization for the long term. Hockstad highlighted the plan’s four distinct pillars at the 2020 ACI Annual Meeting & Industry Convention: business, science, sustainability and communications.

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Looking forward for 2020 through 2022, the strategic plan will strengthen ACI’s focus to contribute to the maximum impacts for the organization’s member companies.


With a focus on growing business-to-business opportunities for members, the business pillar will encompass ACI’s efforts to nurture relationships that accelerate growth and innovation across the industry.

The focal point also establishes ACI’s desire to increase its impact on legislative and regulatory outcomes that affect the marketplace and supply chains, she added.


The second pillar surrounds ACI’s goal to advance, promote and use science in order to drive informed dialogue, as well as decision making.

ACI hopes to increase access and availability to human/environmental safety information for cleaning ingredients, she said, and seek alignment on interpreting such information to drive sensible decision-making by policymakers.


ACI’s commitment to sustainability is rooted in defining and driving impactful industry action to foster and shape a sustainable future.

She said ACI hopes to unite its supply chain to increase transparency, reduce emissions, value nature and contribute positively to sustainability.


The fourth pillar centers on ACI’s intentions to proactively engage stakeholders for increased understanding, knowledge and trust of the cleaning product industry.

The organization’s effort is to further shift the media narrative about products and chemistries to demonstrate their beneficial/essential nature to consumers, with a deeper goal of increasing confidence in the industry’s positive contributions to health and well-being.

“ACI knows that we can only succeed through the commitment and active engagement of our member companies,” said Hockstad. “With ACI’s ongoing transformation, we cannot and will not be satisfied with business as usual.”

She continued, “We must be open to new ideas to move ACI and our industry forward. Working together, we can maximize our impact and deliver successfully and prosperously for our consumers, customers, co-workers and communities around the world.”