InChem-RTC Deal

InChem Corp. (Rock Hill, South Carolina) has acquired Recovery Technologies Corp. (RTC) which, among other activities, produces flavor and fragrance ingredients. Terms were not disclosed.

Of the announcement, InChem president Steve Crownshaw said, “This acquisition brings in-house a new core competence ... with distillation capabilities from trial quantities as low as one kg per hour all the way up to full-scale, 1 tonne per hour of production volume."

“This purchase is in keeping with our strategy to pursue bolt-on acquisitions to expand our processing capabilities to better serve our customers,” said David Minchin, InChem's vice president of commercial development. “Our services range from research and process development to full-scale commercial production of a wide range of chemical products, many custom-manufactured to our customers’ specific requirements.” 

InChem has also partnered with Vacuum Technology Aalen (VTA) to offer testing services for both companies' customers. VTA's deep vacuum distillation equipment allows for separation of volatile chemical components under controlled temperature and pressure conditions.





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