Lawrence Receives Ron Neal Award of Excellence

Brian M. Lawrence, P&F magazine’s editor for natural products and The Journal of Essential Oil Research’s editor-in-chief, received the Ron Neal Award of Excellence at the 2008 IFEAT closing banquet on Oct. 2. The award recognizes Lawrence’s contributions to the field of essential oil research.

In his 30-year career Lawrence has published more than 80 original articles and reports. Since 1976, he has held the position of scientific editor of Perfumer & Flavorist magazine, for which he has written more than 200 reviews for the “Progress in Essential Oils” column. Additionally, he has published 10 books and 18 book chapters on essential oils. In 1989, Lawrence and Stanley Allured created The Journal of Essential Oil Research, an international peer reviewed journal published by Allured Business Media, of which he remains editor in chief. In 1984, Lawrence was the first recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal of IFEAT. He also received the Medal of Honor from the University of Messina for his studies on essential oils in 2004.

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