L'Artisan's In-house Nose

L'Artisan Parfumeur has hired Bertrand Duchaufour, previously at Symrise, as its in-house perfumer. Duchaufour has already created a number of perfumes for the brand, including Aedes de Venustas (2006, home fragrance), Ambroisie Ararat (2005), Dzongkha (2006), Mechant Loup (1997), Patchouli Patch (2002, with Evelyne Boulanger), Piment Brulant (2002), Poivre Piquant (2002) and Timbuktu (2004). The next perfume launch for L'Artisan is Eau de Liane. It will be released first in France and in the fall (Oct–Nov) in the United States.
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