[update] Robertet Issues Statement of Independence


“The independence of our company is non-negotiable” Philippe Maubert, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Robertet.

Robertet’s board of directors met on December 4th, 2019, and discussed the implications of specific share purchases made by one of Robertet’s competitors. The board was unanimous in its agreement that these transactions had been unsolicited and that no discussions on merger would be appropriate.

On February 5th, 2020, Robertet released an additional statement in response to a second company's purchase of 108,109 registered shares, making up 4.68% of the share capital. The group reiterated the lack of discussion surrounding this action and Robertet's dedication to maintaining independence in the face of these unsolicited acquisitions.  

Robertet is a medium-sized, inherited, family company with the Maubert family controlling 47% of the share capital and 67.5% of the voting rights.

This unique positioning and independent strategy allow Robertet to operate without any debt to date. The company is confident in its capacity to grow as an independent and differentiated leader in the raw materials and natural ingredients sector.

Robertet does not intend to propose representation on the company’s board of directors for the companies in question or to build collaborations which would limit its operational and strategic flexibility.  

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