Symrise Presents AI Innovations at IBM Think Summit


Symrise demonstrated its application of artificial intelligence (AI) to perfumery at the IBM Think Summit in Frankfurt au Main, Germany.

The company developed Philyra, a smart assistant that supports the work of its professional perfumers, with IBM research in 2018.

Scent and air care president and executive board member Achim Daub, along with senior perfumer Marc vom Ende, demonstrated the ways artificial intelligence can contribute to more creative scent design. They discussed Berlin 3.0, a scent developed with AI, which was blended using feedback from visitors to the Bikini Berlin shopping center.

“You could literally smell the innovative spirit in Berlin. In a unique way, human experiences and creativity blended with the possibilities presented by machine learning and collaboratively generated consumer preferences,” said Daub.

“With AI, our customers can benefit from a greater differentiation in the fragrance creation process: Philyra makes more creativity possible by developing new raw material combinations. These can be perfectly matched to individual user preferences and then refined by our perfumers,” he continued. “At the same time, we offer our customers more efficient and effective scent creation processes.”

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