So NaturalTogether—Firmenich Contemplates the Future of Naturals


Firmenich brought together its global team of perfumers and its NaturalsTogether producers to at an event to discuss the future of naturals.

Together, the teams identified two key priorities:

  • Ingredient innovation—Combining the perfumers’ vision with the farming expertise provided by the NaturalsTogether partners, building innovation across the sourcing process and enhance raw materials
  • Sustainable production—Driven by sustainable solutions, new techniques and next-generation strategies

“Last night, we took a holistic look at naturals, from supply and sustainability to creation and fragrance delivery,” said Odile Pelissier, vice president, creation development and innovation, perfumery. “When you get the people who extract the ingredients together with the people who invent their use, it’s simply magic.”

“By sharing with producers, we can work together to improve the olfactive qualities of ingredients including bergamot, orange blossom, sandalwood or jasmine, from the farm to the flacon. We can discover new ingredients for our formulas,” added perfumer and director, natural product innovation Fabrice Pellegrin.

Firmenich also recognized Jasmine Concrete with the annual Source and Soul Award. The India-based producer of floral extracts was honored for its “high-quality ingredients and prestige.”

“We have been sourcing jasmine responsibly since 1991,” explained Vasanth Venkatasamy, CEO of Jasmine Concrete. “Having this opportunity to discuss olfactive qualities, benefits and new ideas with the perfumers who keep our ingredients top of mind for so many consumers each day is incredible.”

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