Walmart Acknowledges Takasago's Contribution to its Sustainability Goal

Walmart and its sustainability office have acknowledged Takasago for its contribution to the retail giant's sustainability goal.

Takasago said Walmart (which has a goal to eliminate 20 million metric tons of greenhouse gases such as CO2 from its supply chain) and the Walmart Sustainability Office recognized Takasago as one of its top–performing suppliers in 2012.

Last year, Walmart requested 3,000 of its suppliers to provide sustainability information through the carbon disclosure project, an international not-for-profit organization providing the largest global system for natural capital disclosure. Of the 1,100 suppliers who submitted responses, 58% reported more than 2,400 greenhouse gas emission reduction activities.

Takasago was able to report progress in its corporate efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which resulted in the recognition by Walmart.

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