Monell Marks Anosmia Awareness: Further Educates About Smell Loss

The Monell Center has announced three new educational outreach initiatives to promote Anosmia Awareness Day, which takes place on February 27. Each was designed to increase awareness and increase the limited information currently available about anosmia, the loss of  one's sense of smell, which affects over six million Americans and many millions more worldwide.

  • Monell scientists will join with clinical collaborator Edmund Pribitkin, MD, of Thomas Jefferson University to present an educational seminar on the causes and treatments of anosmia to physicians and health care workers in the Philadelphia area. The seminar will be held in a Grand Rounds format at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital on February 25, 2015. Physicians who attend the program will be eligible to receive Continuing Medical Education(CME) credit from the American Medical Association.
  • Monell has posted a new FAQ section on the center’s website. Targeted to individuals with anosmia and their families, the FAQ provides answers to common questions concerning the causes and consequences of anosmia.
  •  Monell will release a new awareness video highlighting the many consequences of living life without smell. The video will be available on Monell’s main website and also via the Center’s “A Sense of Hope” fundraising site.
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