Monell Center Launches Project to Support Anosmia Research

With a tie-in to Anosmia Awareness Day, the Monell Center has announced A Sense of Hope: The Monell Anosmia Project, a three-year $1.5M campaign to support a research and advocacy program focused on anosmia, the loss of the sense of smell.

The research goal is to identify the biological causes of smell loss in order to develop potential treatment approaches for this under-recognized disability.

According to the National Institutes of Health, about 1-2% of the American population reports a complete loss of the sense of smell. However, as no routine assessment of smell function exists, the incidence is likely to be considerably higher. 

Although over 6 million Americans likely are affected, scientists and physicians have little understanding of the underlying biological mechanisms causing a loss of smell. To increase awareness about anosmia, Monell has launched a scrolling website created pro bono by Elefint Deigns, a California firm that specializes in strategic design for nonprofits and community organizations. Information about Monell’s A Sense of Hope fundraising campaign is available here. 

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