Accelyris Introduces New Enterprise Platform

Research and development services and software company Accelyris, Inc. is introducing a new platform to help science-driven companies better develop new products. The company says that product development is too slow to market and capitalize on innovations. Particularly in industries centered on complex science such as atomic or molecular development, existing systems for automating and tracking production often aren't adequate. Accelyris' platform, in addition to being tailored for scientific companies, can be integrated into a company's IT infrastructure.

"Effective, efficient, end-to-end innovation is critical to the competitiveness of science-driven organizations," says Accelrys president and CEO Max Carnecchia. "Accelrys is committed to working closely with our customers and partners to close the innovation productivity gap. The Accelrys Enterprise Platform is a game-changer for organizations looking to deliver more competitive products, sooner and more cost-effectively to market."

Accelyris' platform, while perhaps not the ideal solution for every flavor and fragrance company, poses an interesting challenge for businesses to look at their innovation processes—from R&D to production to market—and identify any bottlenecks or weak spots.

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