CPL Aromas Visits Sudanese Schools


Representatives from CPL Aromas recently visited Sudanese schools it helped fund through the charity organization CAFOD. Chris Pickthall and Abid Abbas of CPL joined CAFOD’s Vincent Bolt visited the schools to check on the progress of the organization’s initiative to improve the education of the children in the community. They were shown the facilities by Father Peter of the local parish, the man who has become responsible for the new schools.

The Zagalona and Angola Basic schools in Karary in the Omdurman Province provide basic education to children from a variety of backgrounds whose families have limited resources and would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend school. CAFOD has worked in the region for many years assisting the local community to build and maintain centers of learning for the young and impoverished.

These two schools received direct funding from CAFOD, enabling them to build classrooms and employ teachers. Commenting on the visit, CPL CEO Chris Pickthall said, “We found the trip extremely moving and motivating. I was particularly taken by how happy and healthy all the kids were. Whatever their difficulties they seemed to be having a great time at school and were so friendly.”

The Sudan school project was chosen by members of the Pickthall family to receive funding as part of the annual donation made by the company to CAFOD.

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